Why Join a Mindfulness Community?

When we come together to listen to the Dharma, shifts begin to happen...

We learn to bring curiosity to the places that are difficult

We begin to notice how views, beliefs and opinions close off the mind and heart

How defensiveness affects the body, mind and heart and how to open our hearts to what is painful.

As we practice in community and walk this path together the feeling of being a separate self dissolves.

Developing a consistent practice strengthens our ability to stay present for all of life's experiences (joy, sorrow, etc)

We learn to shift from reacting in ways that divide and hurt us to responding in ways that connect and heal.

We also gain spiritual friends along the way and this is where the practice helps us open our hearts. As it's in relationship that we're wounded, so it makes sense that it's in relationship that we heal. Spiritual community gifts us with something that is more valuable than material wealth. It opens the possibility of living with a mind that is spacious and open and a heart that responds to pain with compassion and kindness. That is priceless.

All the problems we experience during daily life originate in ignorance, and the method for eliminating ignorance is to practice Dharma.

While formal seated meditation is an important part of mindfulness practice, studying the Dharma is just as important. We study the teachings of the Buddha as a way of deepening our understanding about how this practice can liberate the mind and open our hearts to compassion.