​Two forms of peace-Samatha and Vipassana

The practice of calming the mind and clear seeing connects us to the wisdom of the heart/mind. This talk begins with a guided meditation, followed by a Dharma talk and discussion regarding the cultivation of these two forms of peace and how they help us awaken the wisdom of mind and heart. Based on Listening to the Heart: A Contemplative Journey to Engaged Buddhism, Chapter 2.

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The Gifts of Coming into Retreat-Day 2

Jan 7th-Morning talk on the two wings of Mindfulness and how these two wings are a necessary part of the practice. Mindfulness helps us connect with moment to moment experience in a non-judgmental way and compassion allows us to respond to what is arising with wisdom and kindness.

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The Gifts of Coming into Retreat-Day 1

Opening night of the Jan 6-7th Retreat. This talk included a guided meditation on the breath, a talk on the practice of mindfulness meditation; what it is and how to create a holding space and the conditions for insight and compassion to arise.

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